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Popcorn Seasonings

All-natural popcorn is wonderful all on it’s own, popped with a hint of oil or air-popped for an even more healthful experience. However, if you want to add some extra flavor, there are many options beyond the traditional sprinkling of salt.

When using pre-packaged seasonings created especially for popcorn, be sure to note the amount of salt included or you may get more sodium than you planned. You can also try creative ways to use what you already have in your spice rack to dress up your snack. When using dry seasonings, it may help to give your popcorn a light mist of oil to help them stick (unless oil is
not on your diet).

Traditional Flavors

Familiar flavors that have been popular for years:

  • Butter (or butter flavoring)
  • Kettle Corn (butter and sugar)
  • Popcorn Salt (Finely ground salt)
  • Yeast (a healthy alternative)

Rethinking the traditional flavors implies experimentation and that can lead to both good and bad results. While these will both fall under the category of surprises, that's part of the adventure of cooking. Instead of using your stand-by popcorn salt, consider your flavorful alternatives in the world of herbs and spices.

Cheesey Flavors

There are many cheese-flavored popcorn flavors available. Try your own favorite by using shredded or shake-on varieties:

White Cheddar  •  Nacho  •  Parmesan  •  Asiago

Snack-inspired Flavorings

Popcorn seasonings inspired by other popular snacks, which you can buy especially for popcorn. Or try using pre-packaged blends of dried seasonings created for salad dressings or dips.

Ranch  •  Sour Cream & Onion  •  Honey Mustard
Chipotle Chile  •  Garlic Onion  •  Salt & Vinegar




Spiced Popcorn Recipes

Heat-inspired Flavors

For those who love things hot, your options are growing from multiple cuisines:

Barbeque  •  Cajun  •  Jalapeno
Buffalo Wings  •  Chili Lime  • Spicy Queso
Fire Roasted Chipotle Salsa

Sweet Sensations

Not your everyday popcorn snack, check into the sweet deliciousness of dessert popcorn.

Caramel  •  Cinnamon  •  Cocoa  • 
Pumpkin Pie Spice

Spice It Up!

You have plenty of flavorings already at home. Browse through your spice rack for some favorite flavors that you may want to try on your popcorn.

Basil  •  Oregano  •  Curry  •  Garlic Salt
Onion Salt  •  Paprika  •  Cayenne  •  Chili